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Diploma in Mechatronics
Diploma in Mechatronics

This programme focuses mainly on the principles and practices that integrate disciplines in mechanical and electronic engineering as well as computing.


Learning Outcome

Graduates of this programme should demonstrate the following attributes:


  • Ability to apply basic principles of mathematics and engineering sciences
  • Ability to communicate accurately and reliably by written and oral means
  • Ability to use techniques, skills and appropriate tools for engineering practices
  • Knowledge and ability to execute effectively a series of experiments, projects and other coursework with the safe use of laboratory, workshop and other equipment
  • Show good reasoning and creativity in the solutions of theoretical and practical problems
  • Able to practice good teamwork skills and to be a multi-skilled technician
Course Structure

Year 1

• Materials Science
• Basic Circuit Theory
• Communication Skills
• Programming Language
• Digital Electronics 1
• Basic Electronics
• Algebra
• Calculus
• Microcontroller Principles
• Analogue Electronics 1
• Applied Mechanics 1
• Engineering Mathematics


Year 2

• Computer Interfacing Techniques
• Manufacturing Process
• Project Management
• Thermofluid Dynamics
• Applied Mechanics 2
• Engineering Design
• Industrial Training


Year 3

• Project
• Programmable Logic Controller
• Hydraulics and Pneumatics
• Computer-Aided Design / CA Engineering
• Measurement and Industrial Control
*Choose only TWO modules from 4 elective modules

Career Outcome

• Junior Engineer

• Research and Development Assistant

• Engineering Site Technician

• Design Technician

• Technical Representative

• Production Technician

• Test Technician



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Entry Requirement

Minimum 3Cs (including Mathematics & 1 Science subject and at least a pass in English)


Minimum 3Bs (including Mathematics & 1 Science subject and at least a pass in English)


Minimum 3Cs (including Mathematics & 1 Science subject and at least a pass in English)


Other equivalent qualifications which are recognized by the Malaysian government