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First City University College firmly believes that research fosters academic excellence. Research discovers, elucidates and evaluates new knowledge, ideas, and the technologies essential in driving our academic staff to deliver outstanding student education and training based on relevant and modern curricula. In line with Malaysia’s national policy of promoting R & D in universities, CERI was launched in 2017 to promote, complement and provide support and services to staff and research students for the discovery, dissemination, preservation, and advancement of knowledge through research and innovation to address societal needs.


Our current research areas include:

  • Imbalanced Labour Market in Malaysia
  • Ethnicity and Social Class
  • Design Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation, Power & Renewable Energy
  • Communication Engineering
  • Educational Technology
  • Internet Technology and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Business Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Interactive Media
  • Critical Cultural Studies


Following the inaugural First City Research Day which was held on 22 November 2017, the next First City Research Day will be held in November 2018.