Sharpen Your Business Acumen, Master Your Entrepreneur Skills

PETALING JAYA –  Malaysia enjoys a huge advantage when it comes to international business and entrepreneurship.

According to the report entitled Doing Business 2019 prepared by the World Bank Group, Malaysia was placed at number 15 for “Ease of Doing Business” in the East Asia and Pacific region. A noteworthy finding was the fact that Malaysia was placed ahead of Japan and China. Moreover, our country scored highly for categories such as “Protecting Minority Investors”, “Getting Electricity” and “Trading Across Borders”.

With these advantages in place, it is no surprise then that many Multinational Companies (MnC) are willing to set up businesses in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, our country’s diverse cultures have given rise to huge market opportunities such as the Halal Market. The strong demand for Halal food and products has led to the starting of many local businesses.

The National Entrepreneurship Policy 2030 set by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development hopes that by fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, this sector may eventually contribute 50% to Malaysia Gross Domestic Product. To achieve this, it aims to produce a million Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Entrepreneurs by 2023.



First City UC rises to meet economic demands

Understanding the job demand created by Malaysia’s growing economy, First City University College’s Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication (FBHC) offers students the BA (Hons) International Business and BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship programmes.

“It is our hope that students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the workforce as versatile business people. They will be capable of contributing innovative business ideas either in a multinational corporation or a Small Medium Enterprise setting,” shares Dean of FBHC Mr. Robert Cheong.

Cheong adds that students of both programmes are encouraged to apply for an affiliate membership with The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). This is because students will receive training to further enhance their marketing skills, knowledge on the latest trends within the industry and also the opportunity to join the network and connect with other people with similar interests.

Furthermore, International Business and Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s Degree Programme Coordinator Ms. Aurora Lim explains that Final Year students are required to undergo an Industrial Training module. This will provide them with the necessary hands-on experience to prepare them for the challenging environment upon entering the workforce.

Equipped to meet international business standards

The BA (Hons) International Business is a three-year degree programme that prepares students for the eventuality of working in either a local or international company.

During their studies, students will learn to convey international business-related information in oral, written or visual form. They will also be working with diverse group members in order to simulate the real-life cultural diversity when working in a global business.

Along the way students will apply reflective thinking in pursuit of self-reflection, self-discovery and personal development. This is vital as students as expected to find ways to continuously improve themselves.

Upon completion of their studies, graduates will be comfortable dealing with organisational and business issues such as workplace diversity and cross-cultural management. They will also comprehend how law, trade, finance, logistics, ethics and human resource management operate differently across borders.

Graduates will find themselves highly sought after in the job market. Some of the positions open to them include International Business Negotiator, International Strategic Planner, Business Development Director, Multinational Manager and many more.

“I chose to study the International Business degree programme as I aspire to work in a multinational company or maybe even overseas. Course modules such as International Marketing have provided me a clear perspective on the global market”, shared Second Year student Cheah Ke Xin.

Trained to provide creative business solutions

The BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship is a three-year degree programme designed to prepare students for the prospect of becoming a well-trained entrepreneur or even a business leader capable of sustaining multiple SMEs.

To this end, this programme incorporates modules and learning outcomes in areas such as Enterprise Management, Developing Entrepreneurial Skills, New Venture Creation, Management Accounting and Finance, Brand Management and Marketing as well as Innovation and Business Development.

Among other things, students will learn to identify, define, assess and evaluate concepts, ideas and issues. These abilities are crucial in order to adopt an informed approach to addressing business scenarios and problems. This may even extend towards the act of modifying or challenging any existing popular ideas in the open. Besides becoming an entrepreneur, graduates may consider positions which include Franchisee, Business Consultant, Strategic Planner, Venture Capitalist and many more.

First City UC’s incentives and facilities

First City University College’s September intake is currently in progress for its Bachelor Degree and Postgraduate programmes. Interested students should register as soon as possible in order to qualify for the 50% programme incentive.

Upon graduating, First City UC Alumni may even continue with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme which will equip them with managerial skills should they aspire to attain a leadership position within their workplace. Alumni will enjoy a special 25% incentive rate should they enroll for the programme.

Furthermore, Postgraduate students will enjoy extra convenience and comfort as the Centre for Postgraduate Studies is exclusively designated for their use. The Centre comprises modern lecture halls, class rooms, a lounge and spacious discussion areas.

First City UC is an eco-friendly urban campus equipped with state-of-the art facilities which include a wide array of recreational and teaching facilities. Moreover, First City UC is ideally located in the modern township of Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. The township contains many public amenities and is well-connected with other areas via the MRT system. During their leisure time, students may choose to visit One Utama Shopping Centre which contains two cinemas and a bowling alley among many other amenities.