The culmination of the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design Final Review on 21 December 2023, signifies a significant milestone for students in the Department of Built Environment, within the Faculty of Design & Built Environment. This event marks the conclusion of the students’ demanding progression through the Design Studio 3, 4, 5, and 6 modules.

What sets this review apart was the presence of 12 esteemed industry assessors carefully curated for their expertise and experience, representing a diverse spectrum of leading design entities:

  1. Hannah Ho (Jupiter Studio)
  2. Kelvin Lee (Mind Sketch Interior Studio)
  3. Soong Meiling (Urban Catalyst Interiors Sdn Bhd)
  4. IDr Ong Kian Tat (Bloom Design Sdn Bhd)
  5. Hamiza Parman (JDM Design Built)
  6. Asnini Rahman (TenQ Group Sdn Bhd)
  7. Idzwan Sawal (MVH Design Studio)
  8. IDr Masnul Lubis (Studio Lubis)
  9. Rex Law Yit Hong (RIAKL)
  10. Ahmad Tamimi (Atma Cipta)
  11. Hafizuddin Haron (UiTM Puncak Alam)
  12. Aida Anis (Aidea Space (M) Services)

The involvement of these industry experts transcends evaluation; it is a bridge between academia and real-world application. Students have the unparalleled opportunity to showcase their innovative design solutions, receive invaluable feedback, and network directly with these esteemed professionals. This interaction not only validates their hard work but also offers insights into the industry’s expectations, fostering a deeper understanding of practical implications.

For the aspiring designers, this review was not just a culmination; it was a launchpad. It signified the transition from their theoretical learning to the practical world, paving the way for their future endeavours. The event stood as a testament to the Department of Built Environment’s commitment to nurturing holistic professionals poised to make meaningful contributions to the world of interior architecture and design.