The Student Services Department and the Centre for General Studies of First City University College collaborated with Ebright Public Speaking Academy on 22 November 2023 to orchestrate a transformative workshop titled “Public Speaking 101”. Held at Lecture Theatre 2, North Building, the workshop catered to 25 enthusiastic participants, a mix of students and staff, eager to delve into the art of confident public speaking.

Led by the seasoned coach Mr. Gautham Palaniandy, known affectionately as Mr. G, the session was an immersive experience for everyone present. Drawing upon his seven years as a senior coach at Ebright, Mr. G brought a wealth of expertise and insights, initiating the event with an engaging dialogue, encouraging participants to share their public speaking encounters.

The workshop’s core focused on invaluable skills crucial for effective public speaking. Mr. G delved into strategies for managing stage fright, emphasizing techniques such as mirror practice and deep breathing. He navigated through the nuances of confidence building, advocating the celebration of incremental progress and the power of visualizing success. The discourse expanded to encompass body language, emphasizing the impact of posture and hand gestures on effective communication.

The session received positive feedback, echoing the sentiment of a highly interactive and enriching experience. Both lecturers and students praised the workshop for its practical insights, acknowledging the invaluable lessons gleaned within a short span.

Ebright’s commitment to nurturing speaking confidence transcends age barriers, resonating deeply as it adapts its rich heritage of training to empower university students. With its impactful strategies and engaging discourse, “Public Speaking 101” served as a catalyst for the participants, unlocking the door to confident, compelling communication.