On 19 March 2023, the Department of Design (DOD) hosted an event where students from BA (Honours) in Fashion Marketing, BA (Honours) in Graphic Design, Foundation of Art and Design, and Diploma in Graphic Design were immersed in the world of luxury retail. They were guided by Ms. Jesly Hieng, a seasoned marketing strategist with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Ms. Hieng’s extensive background, including a Master of Luxury Brand Management from the University of Monaco, provided valuable insights into various aspects of the industry.

Attended by lecturers and students alike, Ms. Hieng shared her expertise on key topics such as luxury conglomerates, the historical trajectory of luxury, digital transformation’s influence, social factors, and emerging consumer trends. Her international exposure allowed her to offer unique perspectives, enriching the students’ understanding of the luxury fashion landscape.

The session left attendees feeling inspired and equipped with a deeper understanding of consumer behavior within the luxury market. Students expressed enthusiasm for applying these newfound insights to their design, marketing, and branding assignments.

The Department of Design (DOD) remains committed to providing invaluable experiences and insights to aspiring designers, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within the field of design. This commitment highlights the department’s dedication to nurturing the talents and ambitions of future design leaders.