Simone Ridyard, an esteemed figure in interior architecture and design from Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, made a highly anticipated visit to the Faculty of Design & Built Environment (FDBE) from 22-24 May 2024. Her role as the International External Examiner for the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design programme was pivotal, as she brought a wealth of expertise and insight that greatly enriched the academic environment and elevated the standards of the students’ work.

During her visit, Simone Ridyard rigorously evaluated the academic programme, ensuring that it adhered to international standards. Her detailed assessments and constructive feedback were invaluable in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the curriculum. Simone’s deep understanding of the field allowed her to provide guidance that not only upheld but also advanced the programme’s excellence. She emphasized the importance of maintaining global standards and integrating innovative design practices to prepare students for the dynamic landscape of interior architecture.

Simone Ridyard’s visit left a profound impact on the FDBE community. Her passion and dedication to interior architecture and design were evident in every interaction. Reflecting on her experience, Simone remarked, “I am impressed with the level of creativity and commitment to excellence I have seen at FDBE. The students’ work is of an outstanding quality, and the faculty’s dedication to fostering an environment of innovation and critical thinking is commendable.”

The faculty and students are deeply grateful for Simone Ridyard’s contributions. Her visit not only validated the programme’s strengths but also provided a clear roadmap for future improvements. The insights and recommendations she shared will undoubtedly shape the direction of the Interior Architecture & Design programme, ensuring that it continues to meet and exceed international standards.