The back-to-back training sessions organized by First City University College on 17 & 18 January 2024 proved to be instrumental in enhancing the pedagogical and organizational capabilities of its academic staff.

The “Engaging Technology in Teaching and Learning” session, led by Ms. Yap Min Chen, equipped faculty members from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing with essential insights into the TPACK model. The comprehensive exploration of educational applications, such as Padlet, Kahoot, and Google Earth, ensured that participants left with practical tools to integrate technology effectively into their teaching methods.

Following seamlessly, the “Outcome-Based Education Planning, Development, Implementation and Evaluation Cycle” workshop, conducted by Asst. Prof. Ir. Dr. Tay Ching En Marcus as part of the induction programme for new academic staff, addressed the critical need for outcome-based education in alignment with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework. The training not only provided a clear understanding of OBE parameters but also imparted practical strategies for designing assessments and ensuring continual quality improvement. With a focus on constructive alignment and the use of software tools for measurement and analysis, participants gained valuable insights into enhancing curriculum delivery.

Both training workshops underscored First City University College’s commitment to advancing teaching methodologies and aligning academic programmes with industry standards. The diverse expertise of the trainers, Ms. Yap Min Chen and Asst. Prof. Ir. Dr. Tay Ching En Marcus, contributed significantly to the success of the training sessions. The active participation of academic staff across multiple faculties and the practical knowledge gained make these events a pivotal step towards elevating the quality of education at the university college.