On 16 May 2024, at the Centre for Postgraduate Studies, eight academic staff members from the Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication, and the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, participated in a specialised training session on integrating technology into education. The session aimed to familiarise participants with the TPACK model and introduce them to various educational applications.

The TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) model outlines the knowledge educators need for the effective integration of technology in teaching. The session included a practical segment where lecturers explored various educational applications such as Padlet, Kahoot, Quizizz, Blooket, Google Earth and many more which they could use in their lessons.

Dr. Mas Izzati Binti Fazin, Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, remarked, “The most interesting training I have ever had. The technology tools are helpful and very convenient to apply. The apps are updated and easy to use. I particularly enjoyed Kahoot!, Blooket, and Padlet.”

Similarly, Nur Hamidah Binti Mamat, a lecturer from the Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication, stated, “Very interesting apps which are new and useful to me. The training is easy to understand and overall, it was very good. I especially liked using Kahoot and Padlet for student feedback, and Canva is quite interesting as well. The TPACK model can definitely be applied in our classes.”

By the end of the session, the participants understood the usage of the TPACK model. They are expected to apply it in classroom activities, and utilised at least one educational application in their teaching and learning activities. This approach ensured that lecturers were well-equipped to integrate technology into their teaching practices, enhancing the learning experience for their students.