First City University College achieved a significant milestone with the launch of the inaugural edition of The Journal of Business, Design & Technology on 29 November 2023, coinciding with the Research Seminar 2023.

The launch, officiated by First City University College’s Board of Governors & Director Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Teo Chiang Liang, together with Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Saw Sor Heoh, represented a significant leap forward in advancing academia’s frontiers. Also present during the launch were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr Hing Hiang Lian and Head of Centre for Excellence in Research and Innovation (CERI) Assoc. Prof. Dr Leong Wee Phin.

The launch represents more than the unveiling of a publication as it also symbolizes First City University College’s continuing commitment to nurturing future thought leaders and change-makers. The Journal of Business, Design & Technology emerges as a cornerstone for academic and research advancement, fuelling a culture of innovation and excellence.

This scholarly platform is distinctive, offering a dedicated environment where various fields come together to encourage cross-disciplinary discussions. By embracing a multidisciplinary approach, the journal offers a dynamic arena for scholars, practitioners, and visionaries to converge, sharing insights and perspectives that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The birth of the Journal of Business, Design & Technology stands as a collective achievement by the Centre for Excellence in Research & Innovation (CERI), led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leong Wee Phin and his dedicated team comprising Asst. Prof. Saraswathy a/p Rengasamy, S. Komlavathi a/p Subramaniam, Asst. Prof. David Lee Meng Wai, Asst. Prof. Dr Vincent Wee Eng Kim, Asst. Prof. Jackie Wong Choon Fah and Asst. Prof. Pauline Cheah Poh Lyn, among others. Their collaborative efforts have laid the groundwork for a scholarly platform that not only bridges disciplinary boundaries but also stands as a fundamental pillar supporting forward-thinking academic discussions