First City University College’s 2019 Momentum Diploma Showcase: Keeping The Pace Of Success

PETALING JAYA, 17th April 2019 –  The Faculty of Design and Built Environment at First City University College (FCUC) organized 2019 Momentum Diploma Showcase on April 17th 2019. The annual design showcase was introduced and branded with the name “Momentum” for the first time ever, which will be used to represent the Diploma Showcase for years to come.

Momentum Diploma Showcase features creative works by the Faculty’s budding talents from the Diploma in Interactive Design and Diploma in Interior Design programmes. Year by year, FCUC’s talented design students continue to impress top industry players with their outstanding final year design projects.

Vice-Chancellor of First City University College, Professor Dr. Mak Chai in his welcome speech mentioned, design students from the Faculty successfully display their creative outcomes every year through the Diploma Showcase. “This showcase is a great platform which gives rise to the students to exhibit their creativity and design capabilities that often catch the attention of top industry players and potential employers,” Prof. Dr. Mak Chai shared.

The visitors of the Momentum event were able to witness a collection of high quality design exhibits as the participating students met the expectation and standards of the industry by coming out with such delicate and quality design products. It was apparent, tremendous attention, effort and focus were put in pursuant to their design projects.

Students from the Faculty of Design and Built Environment gain a major advantage by often being exposed to various industry-level projects, arising from the established links that has been in practice between the Faculty and top industry partners. This is one of the contributory factors towards the success of the students’ projects.

The 2019 Momentum event, having being established as one of the major design event each year, had attracted a vast list of sponsors which were; Transasia Fine Papers, Lotus Ink Jet System, EW Creative Design, Qunic Design, LNL Sdn Bhd, Jien Hup Autoparts, MB Rolling Sdn Bhd, Willmaxx Enterprise, WF Advertising, and Euston Printing Station.

2019 Momentum was successful in bringing together the parents, alumni, lecturers and staff in a much-anticipated event. It also thrived in giving the students a first-hand exposure to the design industry, and in drawing attention towards design projects that the students had poured their hearts and souls into.