12 staff members from the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology and the Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Tourism participated in a workshop on ‘Good Practices for Annual Programme Quality Report (APQR)’ on 27 May 2024 at the Centre for Postgraduate Studies. These staff members are namely, Asst. Prof. Ir. Dr. Tay Ching En Marcus, Ir. Ts. Sukhairul Nizam Bin Abdul Razak, Lee Shy Yun, Nur Izzah Rahmiah Binti Ab Llah, Sherryn Lim Wen-I, Sherylaidah Binti Samsuddin, Siti Azirah Binti Azhari, S Komlavathi Subramaniam, Asst. Prof. Wong Choon Fah, Jackie, Chang Guo Kuen Alvin, and Nur Afieqah Binti Mamud.

The APQR is a crucial element of the programme quality cycle, which includes planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating cycle of programmes. The workshop focused on the various sections of the APQR template, such as performance indicators, student enrolment analyses, student progress and retention analyses, internship attachment reports, and rolling action plans.

Asst. Prof. Wong Choon Fah, Jackie, remarked, “This training is beneficial to the Programme Coordinators in preparing the APQR document. Programme Coordinators learned the proper format of the APQR document and the relevant information needed to be included in the APQR document.”

Siti Azirah Azhari added, “We learned good practices for creating the APQR report, including what outcomes need to be reported in each section. We can include photos or pictures as evidence in relevant sections of the report. The instructor also shared additional templates, such as the PO tracker.”

By the end of the session, participants had gained the skills needed to write comprehensive annual programme quality reports, focusing on continuous quality improvement and outcome achievements. They also learned how to maintain evidence of these efforts and present their APQRs, sharing good practices with their peers. This training ensured that lecturers were well-prepared to contribute to the ongoing improvement of their programmes.