First City University College signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EStream MSC Sdn Bhd to embed the use of SQL Accounting software in their business study programmes.

Present at the ceremony were First City University College Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Saw Sor Heoh, Chief Operating Officer Ms. Yeong Yin Cheng, EStream MSC Sdn Bhd Director Mr. Desmond Law and Marketing Manager Ms. Meldy Ong.

First City UC is aware that the global economy is shifting to a more technology-savvy stance, hence businesses are adopting more and more technological tools in their daily operations. Graduates from tertiary education providers will now need to equip themselves with more knowledge on the commonly used technological tools within the job market.

Today, the majority of businesses ranging from Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations rely heavily on accounting software for basic accounting transactions and report creation.

First City University College is committed to ensuring graduates stay up to date with the current trends in business.  The software has been listed among the 2021 Top 3 accounting software in Malaysia by Marketing Signal Lab. SQL Account & SQL Payroll is trusted by more than 230,000 companies and used by over 600,000 accounting and business professionals in their daily business operations. SQL offers a comprehensive accounting package from double entry, sales & purchasing workflow, to inventory management and generation of various management and financial reports.

The SQL Accounting software will be embedded in various accounting modules across the Foundation, Diploma and Degree levels of studies. Students from all business disciplines will have a chance to experience first-hand how the SQL Accounting software works and relate it to their studies as well as the real business environment.

Students will be exposed to real-life accounting scenarios and how such scenarios may be quickly solved with the help of accounting software packages. In addition, students will go through the whole accounting process from initial double entries to the generation of financial reports by fully utilising the functions of the SQL Accounting software. Upon completion of the basic functions of the SQL Accounting software, students will undergo a 3-hour exam and upon passing, will be given a certificate by EStream MSC Sdn Bhd, thereby recognising the student as a certified SQL Accounting user.