On 28 May 2024, representatives from First City University College attended the Malaysian Institute of Management’s (MIM) Crucial Conversations event, “Navigating Life’s Financial Maze: Crafting Your Path to a Strong Financial Future,” held at Hilton PJ.

The participation from First City University College, facilitated by the Student Services Department, saw the participation of two faculty members from the Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication and five students, including representatives from the Student Council.

The first plenary, focusing on the “Cost-to-Benefits of Higher Education,” featured notable speakers such as Mr. Malcolm Wong Jun Xiang, Prof. Geoffrey Williams, and Mr. Chin Yi Jian.

Fow Seng Joe, President of the Student Council, found Prof. Williams’ advice particularly inspiring, noting his encouragement for students to “think big, jump out of their comfort zones, and start their own businesses.”

The second plenary session, “Transitioning from University to the Workforce: Long-Term Financial Management Strategies for Students,” provided valuable insights from industry leaders like Mr. Azaddin Ngah Tasir, Mr. Alvin Tan Chin Cherng, and Mr. Malek Ali. This session emphasized practical strategies for financial planning post-graduation.

In the afternoon, participants explored the impact of technology on financial management during the third plenary, “Mastering Money Matters,” with panelists Mr. Peter Yong, Mr. Desmond Teoh, and Mr. Wong Wai Ken. Additional sessions, including Dr. Sangeeta Kaur’s “The Psychology of Wealth” and Ms. Balqais Yusoff’s “Beyond the Paycheck,” further enriched the attendees’ understanding of financial well-being.

Overall, participants found the event highly rewarding, gaining substantial knowledge and motivation to navigate their financial futures successfully.