For nearly 30 years, First City University College (formerly known as KBU International College) has been a firm believer in providing students with industry-relevant education. Its excellent curricula and Malaysian Agency Qualification accredited study programmes have resulted in well-trained and highly employable graduates entering the workforce.

Among First City UC’s successful graduates, the Khong siblings might just be among the most prolific. Brothers Khong Yee Jun, Khong Yee Jian and Khong Yee Juan are not just mere graduates from First City UC’s Faculty in Engineering and Computing (FEC). Using the knowledge gained in their studies, they went on to play key roles in founding and managing Malaysia’s first robotics learning centre.

Also known as CR8 (a wordplay on the word “create”), the learning centre is currently the local market leader in educational robotics, helping students as young as five years old to understand the basics of I.R 4.0.

Moreover, CR8’s success in securing a collaboration with the Education Ministry and partnership with MDEC (Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation) has allowed them to expand to over 40 centres locally. Better yet, they have reached countries as far as Indonesia, India and United Arab Emirates.

“First City UC is proud to have produced high achievers such as the Khong Brothers. Their successes today were made possible with the faculty’s focus on teaching students the fundamentals of I.R 4.0. Also, our annual Innovation Day showcase event has provided students the opportunity to develop their very own projects, which have caught the attention of our industry partners”, exclaimed FEC Dean Associate Professor Dr. Christine Lee Siew Ken.

Dr. Christine Lee also mentioned that FEC students benefited greatly from the faculty’s MoU partnerships with and Iconix Consulting as well as the well-equipped engineering and computing labs.

Meanwhile, Yee Jun, one of the CR8 directors and also in charge of monitoring trends affecting the robotics business, expressed his gratitude to his BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme.

“The Research & Development aspect of studies taught me how to design circuitry, read and compare component specifications, debug faulty designs and troubleshoot hardware. Moreover, my programme’s Integrated Design Project and Final Year Project imbued me with the vital skills to become a successful technopreneur”, he shared while adding that his learning tools included the PCB Etching Machine and Microchip IDE Software.

Yee Jun’s positive feedback was echoed by his younger brother Yee Jian, a BSc (Hons) Software Engineering graduate and also the manager in charge of brand expansion and marketing in CR8.

“Due to my brother Yee Jun already studying First City UC, I enrolled myself in the Diploma in Computer Studies before continuing on with my Bachelor Degree. My time as a student was fun and memorable thanks to the well-equipped computer labs and excellent syllabus which allowed me to pick up the fundamentals of coding and the different programme languages”, Yee Jian explained.

Meanwhile, Yee Juan, the youngest brother and also another BSc (Hons) Software Engineering graduate revealed his choice of study was influenced by his avid interest in coding and game design.

“As a contributing member of CR8’s Research and Development team, I am indebted to my days spent in First City UC’s computer labs. During my classes, I was able to learn and master a number of essential coding languages such as C++, Java, HTML, Python and SQL. These skills have allowed me to craft fun and educational content for our students”, said Yee Juan.

First City UC’s programme incentive and facilities

First City UC invites students with a passion for science and mathematics topics to realise their full potential by enrolling for any FEC programmes. To find out more about the programmes offered at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Postgraduate levels, drop by the One Stop Education Fair at One Utama Shopping Centre.

Taking place from 6-8 December 2019, students and parents will be to obtain quality education counseling from academic staff from the Engineering and Computing, Business and Design faculties. This in turn will help students chart a clear pathway for their tertiary education plans.

Students are encouraged to sign up immediately for the January 2020 intake in order to qualify for 50% off their tuition fee! Graduates are even encouraged to sign up for Postgraduate Studies to enjoy further career advancement. Alumni who register for the Master of Engineering Management and Master of Software Engineering will be entitled to a 20% programme incentive.

Location wise, First City UC is located in the modern township of Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The eco-friendly urban campus is easily accessible via MRT as well as other forms of public transportation.