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Diploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in Graphic Design

Programme/Course aims and objectives:


• Equip students with fundamental professional, creative, technical and vocational skills in order to work successfully within the profession of graphic design and related areas of employment.


• Introduce students to research and analysis of information, with the ability to make moderate judgement and evaluation of ideas.


• Encourage students to develop personal visual skills and personal vision through exciting and challenging practical projects during the course of the programme.


• Encourage students to take their place in the world as an individual, and to take responsibility for the work of others in terms of establishing and monitoring systems to ensure the effective production of work.

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of the programme, graduates will be expected to be able to:


1. Apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills for graphic design practices


2. Communicate design concepts effectively by using visual and verbal skills


3. Execute and produce creative design solutions that reflect appropriate application of      graphic elements, materials, details and finishes for a specific purpose


4. Work in a team and demonstrate multi-tasking skills


5. Have obtained knowledge of project management, contract documentation, financial implications, ethical responsibilities, environmental and ergonomics issues that relate to graphic design practices

Course Structure



• Color Studies

• Drawing

• Design Principles

• Introduction to Art History

• English for Academic Writing

• Illustration

• Typography

• Photography

• Digital Imaging

• Visual Culture

• Creative Studies

• Graphic Design History

• Introduction to Advertising Design




• Publication Design

• Narrative Drawing

• 2D Animation

• Professional Practice

• English for Professional Communication

• Digital Publication

• Packaging Design

• Motion Graphics

• 3D Animation

• Corporate Identity Design

• Industry Placement

• Industry Placement Simulation




• Design Showcase

• Brand Communication

• Design Major

• Environmental Graphic Design

Jan 2019, Apr 2019, May 2019, Oct 2019
2 1/3 Years
Study Mode
Career Outcome

• Graphic Designer

• Illustrator

• Printmaker

• Creative Director

• 2D/3D Animator

• Multimedia Specialist

• Editor

• Production Designer

• Theatre

• Television/Film

Entry Requirement

3 relevant credits


3 relevant credits


Other qualifications equivalent to 11 years High School recognized by the Malaysian government