Relive the enchantment of First City University College’s momentous “Year of the Dragon” celebration, which took place on 19 Feb 2024. Hosted by the Chinese Cultural Society, the celebration left a trail of cherished memories to all the attendees, particularly the students who returned to campus brimming with the spirit of Chinese New Year.

The South Building’s cafeteria buzzed with excitement as guests, including both staff and students, gathered eagerly, ready to immerse themselves in an afternoon filled with cultural delights and festive cheer.

The festivities commenced with a warm welcome from Gui Zhi Xiang, President of the Chinese Cultural Society, followed by an opening address from Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr. Saw Sor Heoh. The stage came alive with the vibrant performance of “The Beat of the Vibrant Dragon” by the Chinese Cultural Society, captivating all with its pulsating energy and traditional flair.

The audience was enraptured as the Performing Arts Club took the stage, enchanting them with the harmonious melodies of “Xin Nian Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi.” They were captivated by the lively performance of traditional Chinese New Year songs and the graceful choreography of the Chinese Fan Dance, immersing them in a world of cultural richness.

Anticipation reached its peak with the eagerly awaited Lucky Draw for the Lucky Dragons, and the exhilarating Lion Dance Performance by the Lion Dance Club, symbolizing prosperity, and good fortune for the Year of the Dragon.

And what better way to usher in prosperity than with the traditional “Lou Sang” – a jubilant toss to a year brimming with abundance and success! The Management, together with student representatives, eagerly participated in this auspicious tradition, mingling flavours and aspirations for a future filled with promise.