First City University College Shines Again!

We extend our congratulations to our student team – Cornileus Jasper Patrick, Lee Zhi Guan, Jeremy Pun Kheng Ming and Jaden Lee Wai Kin for their achievement in winning the Grand Prize at the Dell Hack2Hire hackathon, surpassing 19 teams from various Malaysian universities and university colleges.

Dell’s Hack2Hire is a groundbreaking initiative by Dell Technologies, designed to unearth the brightest talents for their workforce. It’s not just the ordinary hiring process; it’s a holistic journey that allows students to showcase their problem-solving prowess, their capacity to learn, collaboration, empathy, teamwork, and articulation skills.

The Grand Prize comes with a golden ticket to exclusive job and internship opportunities at Dell Technologies. Adding to that, each team member is now a proud owner of a dazzling 27-inch Dell monitor.

Our winning team attributed their success to the essential knowledge and skills they acquired while enrolled in the computing programmes at First City University College as well as through their diligent self-directed study. The collaborative spirit, aptitude for troubleshooting, software creation proficiency, project administration proficiency, and presentation skills they acquired throughout their educational journey strengthened their ability to conceive and execute their winning solution during the competition.

Once again, congratulations to the winning team!