Recently, the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation 2021-2030 was introduced to intensify local technological development and application efforts.

This is part of the government’s effort to ensure that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics graduates will have more job opportunities, thereby keeping up with the technological demand brought by Industrial Revolution 4.0.

With over 30 years’ experience under its belt, First City University College has successfully trained graduates to establish fulfilling careers in relevant fields such as Software Engineering, Computing, Information Technology and Information Systems. The Faculty of Engineering & Computing (FEC) offers up-to-date computing programmes which are taught by a team of qualified lecturers with deep insights in the industry.

Students holding a Foundation, UEC or A-Level qualification will be enrolled into Year 1 of FEC’s Bachelor Degree programme whereas students with a relevant Diploma will gain progression into Year 2.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by First City UC with Iconix grants students access to learning tools such as the ARM Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Moreover, students will conceptualise and implement their own Final Year projects, before showcasing them at the annual Innovation Day event. First City UC’s industry partners have been known to attend this event, even offering jobs to outstanding students.

The Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) programme aims to equip students with the knowledge and technical competencies in software engineering to thrive in the current Information & Communications Technology (ICT).

Students will be focusing on areas such as system analysis & design, software requirements engineering, software development, software testing and quality assurance. Moreover, they will be taught in-demand programme languages such as SQL, C++, C, C#, PHP, Java Script, Java, HTML, CSS and Python.

By the time students undergo their internships, they will be able demonstrate the ability to provide innovative and creative software solutions, in addition to competent communication, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurial and social skills.

Graduates will be prepared for a global career in fields such as Software Design & Development, Programming, Cloud Computing, IoT Systems Programming, Mobile Application Development, Systems Analysis & Design, Web Development, Network Design, Integration & Maintenance, Database Administration as well as IT Consultancy.

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) students will use the Mobile App Development Lab to conduct some of their classes.

The Bachelor of Computer Science (Intelligent Systems) (Hons) programme equips students with a wide range of knowledge and technical skills relating to Artificial Intelligent Systems.

To master the essential skills for the latest cloud computing and big data analysis technologies, students are exposed to relevant study modules. These modules focus on intelligent systems, data science & analytics, big data management, system optimisation & performance, machine learning, IoT, intelligent systems integration, natural language processing and mobile platform programming.

Through their internship module, students will be able to practice their classroom knowledge in the workplace and even improve on their soft skills. This advantage further prepares them for career opportunities all over the world. 

Possible career options include Artificial Intelligence Design, IoT Integration Systems, Business Decision Systems, Mobile Application Development, Information Analysis, Natural Language Programming Development.  Back-end Game Development or Intelligent Cloud Systems.

The Bachelor in Information Systems (Honours) in Business Management aims to equip students with the essential knowledge and technical skills related to information systems and business management.

To keep abreast of the current job market demands, students focus on areas such as computer system analysis, business analysis, IT system development, IT network management and data analytics. They will be exposed to modules that touch on data science & big data analytics, data warehousing & data mining, management information systems, database management systems as well as business related knowledge and skills.

Thanks to industrial exposure provided through the internship module, not only will graduates emerge knowledgeable in the relevant Business Information Systems field, they will also demonstrate communication, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurial and social skills.

These qualities will be crucial for landing a career in any part of the world. Career options include Business Analysis, Big Data Analysis, Information Systems Development, Information Systems Analysis, Business Applications Development, Web Development, Database Administration or Information Systems Management.

First City UC’s computing students are encouraged to fully utilise the library’s vast collection of books academic journals.

The Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking & Security) (Hons) equips students with knowledge and technical skills in the fields of information technology, networking & cybersecurity.

During their classes, students will be exposed to the topics of network security as well as wireless and mobile security. This includes system analysis & design, computer architecture, cyber security, computer forensics, biometric technology, ethical hacking, Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Not only will students gain the ability to devise innovative solutions for Computer Networking and Security, they will be able to demonstrate vital soft skills while adhering to the ethical practices of the workplace.

With an industry-relevant qualification, graduates can confidently pursue the following careers options: Cybers Security, Network Administration, Network Maintenance, IT Infrastructure, Data Centre Infrastructure, Network Consultancy, Network Analysis Network and Security as well as Policy Analysis and Management.

First City UC provides well-maintained indoor sports facilities for students to spend their free time.

First City UC Scholarships, Campus Facilities & Virtual Open Day

First City UC’s eco-friendly campus is equipped with state-of-the art learning and recreational facilities such the Library, IT Centre, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Engineering Labs, Studios, Workshops, Outdoor Football Field and various Indoor Sports Facilities, along with Air-Conditioned On-campus Accommodation with En-suite Bathrooms.

Students may access an online 360-degree virtual tour of these facilities, via http://virtualx.my/360projects/firstcity-edu/

Those interested are invited to contact our hotline numbers, 016-301 8166/ 016-302 8166.