On 16 April 2024, five students from the BBA (Honours) Hospitality Management programme participated in a Transportation Facilities Experience to explore the impact of foundation facilities on tourist behaviour in Kuala Lumpur. The activity aimed to familiarise students with the infrastructure and services provided by the government to enhance Malaysia’s tourism sector.

During the experience, students utilised the GoKL transport service, a complimentary government-provided service that takes tourists to various attractions throughout Kuala Lumpur. This provided them with exposure to the city’s tourist hotspots and the available facilities.

By assuming the roles of tourists, students were able to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. Beh Kar Mun commented, “By participating in this activity, our task was to play the role of tourists and gain firsthand experience of what it is like to travel in Kuala Lumpur. The knowledge and experiences we have gained from the class can be discovered and applied in real-life situations.”

Lee Jia Qian added, “During my first experience utilising the GoKL transportation as a local tourist, I discovered that the government provides free facilities. Engaging in this activity provides us with knowledge and insights that can be useful for future exploration activities.”

The students’ experience with the GoKL transport service provided them with knowledge into how transportation facilities can shape the tourism experience in Kuala Lumpur. By engaging directly with the city’s attractions and transport options, they were able to better understand how these factors influence tourist behaviour and contribute to Malaysia’s tourism industry.