The Research Seminar 2023 hosted by the Centre for Excellence in Research and Innovation (CERI) at First City University College was an exceptional testament to the institution’s dedication to fostering innovation and academic prowess.

The event, graced by esteemed personalities including the Board of Governors & Director of First City University College Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Teo Chiang Liang and Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh, marked a pivotal moment in celebrating the vibrant spirit of academia.

In her Opening Speech, Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh reflected on the institution’s recent achievements, notably the One-Star rating in the esteemed Malaysia Research Assessment (MyRA) and the ‘Competitive’ rating in SETARA 2022 by the Ministry of Higher Education. These milestones served as a testament to the unwavering commitment towards educational distinction and excellence.

At the seminar, an esteemed lineup of keynote speakers, including Professor Dr. Bay Boon Huat from the National University of Singapore, Professor Dr. Abu Bakar Mohamad from UKM, Associate Professor Dr. Yanti Rosli from UKM, and Ts Teh Soo Tying from Nets Printwork Sdn Bhd, delivered insightful presentations.

Senior Lecturer Leong Kooi Hoong from the Faculty of Design and Built Environment, Dr. Muhammad Hanafi bin Yusop from the Faculty of Engineering & Computing, and Lecturer Tan Rou Yen, Rowence, from the Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication clinched the Best Presentation Awards at the Research Seminar 2023. These accolades were conferred by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr. Hing Hiang Lian.

The success of the Research Seminar 2023 was a result of the tireless dedication of the Organizing Committee led by Associate Professor Dr Leong Wee Phin and his team from CERI, whose efforts knitted the event into a platform for enlightenment, collaboration, and dynamic idea exchange.