The Asia Student Package Design Competition 2018 themed “Innovation” organised and promoted by the Japan Foundation, ASPaC Association and coorganised by First City UC and the Malaysian Design Council was launched at the Malaysia Design Council, Menara MATRADE.

The Japan Foundation is an institution which creates global opportunities to foster friendship, trust, and mutual understanding through culture. This competition is targeted at students in Asian countries and stands as a platform to train young talented students to prepare them for a future in innovative careers with the global design industry.

The ASPaC 2018 event was successfully carried out to enhance the international cultural exchange between Japan and Asian countries involved to create a diverse concept based on their ethnicity with the support of public institutions, design associations, corporate companies, and academic institutions of the participating countries and regions.

Among the VIPs who were present at the event are, Yang Berhormat Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Hj. Zainuddin, Chairman of Malaysia Design Council, Y Bhg Prof Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Teo Chiang Liang, Director of First City UC, Professor Dr. Mak Chai, Vice-Chancellor, Ms Yeong Yin Cheng, Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Siow Yin Yoong, Dean Faculty of Design and Build Environment, corporate partners, faculty staff members and students.

The atmosphere of the event was further enhanced by the presence of Mr. Masayuki Kato, General Secretary of ASPaC, Mr. Takaki Mori, Vice President of ASPaC Association, CEO Design Force and Bond Creative, Mr. Motonari Mano, Art Director AT GK Graphics INC., Japan, and Mr. Shawn Ng, Founder & President of BrandCare International.

“Japanese packaging designs are one of the best as it uses traditional ideas. We hope to learn from the Japanese designers particularly in this innovative packaging design so that we can uplift our packaging designs in Malaysia,” said the Chairman of Malaysia Design Council, Prof. 2 Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Hj. Zainuddin, during his opening remark at the event. He also stressed that the ultimate focus is on consumers and the indigenous package design.

In his welcome speech, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Teo explained that the event is a good platform for the students to build their portfolio and will set them on the right path to becoming whom they aspire to be in the future. He also pointed out that the event also nurtures and encourages students in Malaysia to grab the opportunity to display their talent and creativity.

The highlight of the event was the three (3) presentations. Mr. Masayuki Kato (General Secretary of ASPaC) shared on the theme, innovation and from what ASPaC week is about to more of ASPaC winners’ accomplishments. ASPaC week is more than just about awards; it also includes workshops, discussions, corporate training and exhibitions.

The Art Director AT GK Graphics INC., Japan, Mr. Motonari Mano enlightened many guests from different design organizations with his talk on package design and branding.

The final speaker for the event was Mr. Shawn Ng, founder and president of BrandCare International. His speech was delivered with a liberal mind through his sharing on how to improvise and sustain longer engagement with the consumer not just through package design, but by correlating every creation with smart technology. He also revealed about the prominence of augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and society 4.0. It is something that cannot be deteriorated and it will not only change the lifestyles and trends of society but also upgrades in terms of technology, for example, collecting more effective database.

The ongoing twenty-four days exhibition (21st May – 13th June 2018) at the Menara MATRADE features outstanding creations. The ASPaC 2018 entries for the competition will be judged by ASPaC Chairman, Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) President and renowned designers. The winner will be given a certificate, a medal, prize money, and an invitation to the Awards Ceremony & Reception, Corporation Tour as well as a workshop in Japan.

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