PETALING JAYA, 2nd January, 2019 – First City University College stands by you in your quest for education excellence. Ideally located in the modern township of Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, First City University College, formerly known as KBU International College, has held a prominent presence in the education industry for the past 30 years with its prolific track record of producing quality and highly sought-after graduates and successful entrepreneurs.

First City University College offers a wide range of programmes from Foundation, Diploma, and Degree, to Postgraduate levels. Students who wish to pursue undergraduate education have the liberty to choose from a vast range of disciplines such as Business, Hospitality, Tourism Management, Design, Built Environment, Engineering, and Computing.

First City University College has more than 20 years of experience in carrying out education partnerships with reputable United Kingdom and Swiss partner universities, harnessing the best of their education and contextualizing it to local needs, atmosphere, and market demands. These education partnerships have resulted in programmes fully recognized by the partner universities. The homegrown programmes offered by First City UC are no less robust, being specially crafted to fit the needs of the industry and to equip students with relevant skills to endure and persevere in their careers.

Students who aspire to satisfy their hunger for education excellence, and with a vision to climb up the ladder in their careers, may find the postgraduate programmes at First City University College of interest. The liberty to choose the mode of study for all postgraduate programmes; either full-time or part-time, allows students to still earn a living without having to put the pursuit of education excellence on-hold.

Business-minded graduates are welcome to spread their wings further into the business world by enrolling in the Master of Business Administration programme (MBA). The MBA programme offered at the Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication Studies, is recognized and validated by the University College’s long-term UK partner, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). The programme is designed to engage learners with broad business knowledge and various management skills in preparation for managerial roles. Students are exposed to real life business issues and solutions.

Subjects such as Project Management, Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management in the MBA progarmme syllabus equip students with the knowledge and tips in handling and salvaging managerial issues, similar to those found in the real business world. The Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication Studies is also active in inviting industry-expert guest speakers with outstanding business presence and portfolios to deliver talks and share their experiences on various business, entrepreneurship, economics and management topics.

Meanwhile, Master of Design Management programme at First City University College awaits designers and graduates with design and management interest. The programme is packed with design, management, entrepreneurship and branding module contents. It is the first and only programme in Malaysia with the combination of both academic study and, creative and professional practice in a project-led curriculum that draws on a range of interdisciplinary perspectives from business and the arts. It is also designed to support employability and employer engagement by developing both transferable and industry-specific high-level skills including acquiring broad disciplinary knowledge and a professional understanding of modern multi-disciplinary design and design management.

This programme contributes to a complete balance of practical, theoretical and enterprise-oriented design practice. It exposes students to current design contexts through “issue-based”, as opposed to “solution-based” design research. It also encourages experimentation, collaboration, creativity, self-direction, aspiration towards social responsibility, and sustainable development among students.

The Faculty of Engineering and Computing at First City University College offers two new postgraduate programmes; Master of Software Engineering and Master of Engineering Management, to catch up to the fast pace of IR 4.0 and beyond.

In line with the aspirations of the Ministry of Education to encourage multi-disciplined syllabus and courses, students enrolled in Master of Software Engineering and Master of Engineering Management programmes will experience blended learning as they will learn through a crossed-discipline syllabus, which incorporates business and computing or engineering modules.

This provides the students with the opportunity to interact with other students from different backgrounds which broadens their horizons and expands their networks, which is beneficial for them if they wish to take their careers a step further. The crossed-discipline syllabus prepares and exposes students to managerial risks and challenges. As a result, the students are versatile and capable in attending to more than one field of interest, including in management and administration.

Students enrolled in the Master in Software Engineering programme will be able to possess technological problem-solving skills, as well as skills in management, administration and planning. The curriculum provides the essential areas of knowledge, skills and abilities that empower graduates, pertaining to the decision making process, strategy and innovation, software engineering, task situation management, and, technology and architecture. As a result, students are equipped with the ability to convert innovative research ideas into viable businesses.

Meanwhile, students enrolled in the Master in Engineering Management programme will be taken through a course syllabus that combines the technological problem-solving of engineering, with the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee complex business environment from conception to completion. In this context, the competitive world of technology-driven industry welcomes skilled engineers who understand the essential principles of business and the law, and who will also have a tremendous competitive advantage in the market.

The curriculum of this programme provides the essential areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities that empower graduates pertaining to the decision making process, strategy and innovation, people management, administration and control, task situation management and, engineering and technology.

Students enrolled in First City University College have a major advantage of learning from a line-up of highly-qualified lecturers with strong industry experience- at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Interestingly, students of the latter receive an extra “edge” as the three Faculties have guest lecturers with outstanding portfolios and qualifications on board the teaching team. Guest lecturers from the institution’s foreign partner universities, such as Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) from the UK give extra boost and exposure to postgraduate students; arising from the opportunity to learn based on an international perspective.

First City University College strives to provide for a conducive environment for effective learning and teaching approaches. Its eco-friendly urban campus is well-equipped with state-of-the art facilities which include a wide array of recreational, and, learning and teaching facilities. For instance, the Centre for Postgraduate Studies is a dedicated space for the postgraduate students, comprising modern lecture halls, class rooms, lounge and spacious discussion areas. Postgraduate students are also free to utilize other facilities, at any times during their studies. They may find the modern and comprehensive IT labs, design workshops and engineering labs as of great convenience in support of their learning experience.

First City University College opens every day in January for registration. Special 50% off tuition fees offer, valid for all programmes in 2019, is extended by popular demand! Register by the 20th of January, and grab this offer now! (T&C Apply). January intake is in progress for Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate programmes.

For more information on the programmes, scholarships and incentives offered at First City University College, please contact 03-7727 3200 for inquires or visit our website at Students are also welcomed to visit the campus and follow our updates on our Facebook page (@firstcityuc) and on Instagram (@firstcity.uc).