On 20 June 2024, the Student Services Department, in collaboration with the Centre for General Studies, organized a talk titled “Unveiling the Myth: Harnessing Psychometric Assessments for Future Workplace Success.”

The session was led by Ms. Evelyn Chue, Managing Director of People Psyence. People Psyence specializes in psychometric assessments which analyse various competencies and psychological factors of individuals, including personality, aptitude, intelligence, and emotions. She began by explaining the range of psychometric assessments available, such as IQ tests, personality tests, and aptitude tests. She also highlighted how different tests are selected based on the job roles or positions during the interview process.

Throughout the session, Ms. Evelyn shared valuable insights on how to stand out in an interview, emphasizing the importance of conducting thorough research on the company and the interviewer. An engaging segment of the talk featured the Inkblot test, where students shared their interpretations of various inkblot slides. This exercise demonstrated the differences between subjective assessments and the more measurable and reliable psychometric assessments.

Wong Shan Kang, a Diploma in Information Technology student, shared, “After the talk, I learned about the importance of soft skills because they are key to successfully getting a job. I feel very happy to have learned a lot through this talk. It was the most interesting one I have participated in; the speaker had a lot of experience and good presentation skills.”

The talk provided a valuable learning experience, equipping students with knowledge about psychometric assessments and their importance in achieving future workplace success.